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Google Android SDK Developers

Looking to hire Google Android OS developers to execute your business solutions for every version of Android? You couldn’t have started your search at a better time — or in a better place. Google Android OS is a very strong environment for all mobile devices containing the Linux kernel.

One of the most common questions regarding Android application development is if an existing application that was developed for a different smartphone can be migrated to the Android format. Migration is in high demand, since application development expansion is a great way to further promote your business. Moreover, it’s crucial to ensure that your entire potential market, including those using HTC smartphones or other Android-based devices, can access your information.

While migration is a hot topic, what’s equally noteworthy is that new Android applications have gained in importance and generated a great deal of popularity. This is because the individual features of Android OS-powered mobile devices are equipped with unique embedded software that is self-operated by its own logic. To meet the growing demand for new Android applications, Google has created a fully-intuitive Google Android Market that’s just waiting for new applications from all manner of industries. Becoming a publisher in the Android Market is a snap — all you need to do is register for a Google account, complete a basic developer profile, pay a $25 activation fee and accept the terms and conditions. And thanks to Android OS’s vast capabilities, our superb programmers have a wide range of tools with which to create outstanding Google Android software that fulfills your objectives.

HireRussians takes real pleasure in working with Google Android OS-based mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, kiosks and POS systems. With every new Android platform release, we’re able to utilize more and more unique features. Every project we execute is packed full of rewarding tasks that we approach with the utmost care and expertise.

Some of the most-requested Google Android applications include:

  • Multimedia applications
  • Lifestyle applications rooted in Google Maps integration, personal management tools and phone-based travel suggestions
  • E-commerce and merchandise applications, i.e. shopping tools
  • Solutions to improve or strengthen security systems
  • Enterprise applications to optimize paperwork and create financial documents, collaboration tools and custom time-management schedulers
  • Internet applications
  • Games and entertainment
  • Communication applications
  • GUI Widgets

If you want to hire Android programmers and/or Android developers, HireRussians is ready to assist in any way possible. We offer superior quality and on-time deliverables, and we’ll always meet your budget. Our Android OS development team’s expertise includes:

Programming languages: Android SDK (Java), Android NDK (C), Unity (C#), HTML, JavaScript
Databases and technologies: SQLite, OrmLite, JSON parsers (org.json, Google Gson), xml parsers (SaxParser, XmlPullParser, DOM, XPath), Android Preference Framework, Files, Network
Technologies: Apache Ant, Gradle, UrlConnection, HttpClient, Websocket, socket
API web requests: http, https, REST, SOAP, oauth, GSM notifications
Embedded hardware: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light, Magnetometer, Multi touch screen
Media formats: H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, VP8, MP3, WAV, JPEG, PNG, http/hhtp streaming, RTSP streaming
Networking / Communication protocols: GSM/EDGE, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB On-The-Go (Accessory Development Kit)
Location: GPS, Network location, IP geolocation
Graphics: OpenGL, Canvas, Renderscript
Game engines: AndEngine, LibGdx, Box2d physics, Unity3D, Unity2D
APIs: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google maps, Youtube…

Featured Projects

  • Android Kiosk

    Android Kiosk acts like a browser on an Android touchscreen device, allowing users to perform self-registration on systems run in merchant stores. Android Kiosk works with any customer loyalty program that uses a customer’s mobile number instead of plastic loyalty cards.

    Technologies: Java, Android
  • FaceIt

    Face It is a fun app that turns an Android device's screen into a cartoonish mouth whose moves mimic those of its owner. A variety of different mouths are available, including ogre, vampire and clown.

    Technologies: Java, Android
  • TeraStore

    TeraStore (formerly Android Storage) is an application for smartphones and tablets that ensures users won't run out of device space.

    Technologies: Java, Android

iPhone and iPad solutions: AppStore submission, UDIDs handling and more

Despite the fact that most iOS apps can be completed in as little as two months, a few specifics must be kept in mind when creating applications for either iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The UDID, Apple’s unique device identifier, is used across the board to allow apps distribution over the company’s sophisticated cloud platform. Apps are installed either on the devices themselves or on a Mac’s iTunes, and all UDIDs records are kept on the system. But what if your application is not on the AppStore yet and you still need to test it?

Joining the Apple iPhone Developer Program allows members to install any of their applications on any device, even in an early development stage. At just $99 per year, the Apple iPhone Developer Program is the equivalent of purchasing a domain name when building a website. Once you become a member, your app can run and be tested on:

  • All of our Apple devices (HireRussians can provide a number of different iPhone, iPads, and iPods for development and testing)
  • Your personal iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  • Any device owned by your friends, family, or customers

After you’ve become a member of the program, all you need to do is to send us your login information and we’ll take care of the rest. We handle it all, from assembling builds and adding the various UDIDs to creating certificates and submitting to the AppStore, and everything in between.

Apple’s iPhone Developer Program can be accessed right from their official website. If you need more information or support, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our iOS Development Team expertise:

  • Custom development and design services for all iOS devices
  • Custom iPhone apps
  • Custom iPad apps

Programming languages: Objective-C, Objective-C++, C, C++, JavaScript, (and some Perl, Ruby, Python)
Database: SQLite
Native iOS Frameworks
3rd Party Frameworks: AFNetworking, FacebookSDK, Flurry, AdMob, AdWhirl, inMoby, iVengo, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAds, Dirak, OpenEars, Acapela SDK, Cocos 2D, Box2D, Chipmunk, Typhoon, extobjc, JSONModel, CorePlot, TestFlight SDK, GPUImage, MKStoreKit, Appirater, zXing, ZBar SDK, QR Encoder, Chillcat, SimulatorRemoteNotifications, fmdb, Objective-Zip, AWSS3, UserVoice, AWSRuntime
Components: SDWebImage, WYPopoverController, TTTAttributedLabel, MNCalendarView, MBProgressHUD, iCarousel, MTStatusBarOverlay, KKPasscodeLock, DETweeterController, TTOpenInAppActivity, etc.
Game engines: Unity 3d, Marmalade, Cocos 2DX
Web services: Amazon S3, Apple Push Notification Services, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
Remote databases: StackMob, Parse.com
Tools: Xcode, iPhone simulator, Xcode static analyzer, memory/speed profiler, Wireshark, Network conditioner

Download: iPhone and iPad App development business plan.pdf (1.02 Mb)

HireRussians: develop your iOS apps in a new way!

Our team has delivered over 600 custom apps. Need a professional iPhone or iPad developer? You can now purchase development time as easily as you would purchase goods in a store. In just three simple clicks you can establish your very own development team. Find out more!

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Featured Projects

  • BilanzSpion

    BilanzSpion is Germany's competitive intelligence consultant of choice in the areas of finance, taxes and investments. HireRussians developed an analysis tool that aggregates German companies' annual finance reports.

    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone/iPad
  • VoxMatrix for iPad

    A silky-smooth iPad app for musicians, VoxMatrix allow users to design and generate harmonic melodies. Tapped cells interact and affect one another, achieving different sounds according to pitch and distance.

    Technologies: Objective-C, iPad
  • iMedControl Finance Helper

    iMedControl is an application for managing personal medical practice budgets, incomes, taxes, loans and liquidity in a secure environment.

    Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone
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